You cannot order direct from this website, but we do provide a full mail order service from the shop and we are happy to supply most items. In fact the only items we do not post are the large and heavy garden ornaments and ridge tiles as these do not travel well. So if you see anything on the website you would like, you can either email us with details of what you want or you can give us a call at the shop 01726 844689 during normal opening hours and we can sort your order out from there. The items shown on the website are those we aim to keep in stock but it is not possible to guarantee the availability of every item.

When you contact us it is useful if you have the description of the items you want as it is shown on the website and the price.

Overseas orders
We do ship to many customers all over the world, but we should warn you that shipping costs to locations outside the UK can be very expensive, particularly for large and heavy items.

Payment can be made by Paypal or we can process credit/debit card payments over the phone.

Please note that mail orders must be over £10 excluding postage.

When items are ordered they are put on reserve for 5 working days. If payment is not received within that time, the items are returned to stock and we cannot guarantee availability after that time.

Postage & Packing
We reuse/recycle all of our packaging so this is free of charge.
We only charge the actual cost of postage rather than an expensive standard fee. This helps us to keep the mail order costs down. Despatch will normally be within 2 working days of payment being recieved but during the busy summer months it can take a little longer, but should be within a week. 

All items are checked and careflly packed at the time of posting. However, if an item arrives damaged, you should retain the item along with it's packaging and contact us within 3 working days of delivery and we will advise you what action you should take. This is because we may have to make a claim against the courier. Do not post items back to us without contacting us first. Unauthorised returns and claims made more than 3 days after delivery will not be accepted. We will provide a replacement if the item is in stock or a full refund if the item is no longer available.

Happy Shopping


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